Get rectified your HP laptop’s black screen displaying no error message

Hp laptops are used across the globe and have millions of customers. It’s wonderful design and features impresses customers but not everything is perfect so they face issues. But wonder when your system shows a black screen and you have a lot of work or urgent need to open your system.

The common problems which are found in almost any laptop are faced by HP users also. In this blog, you will learn to resolve Black screen error but our technicians at HP Laptop Repair Services can resolve your other HP issues also. Currently, follow the tips mentioned below to fix your issues:

* Firstly perform a hard reset: If your system currently fails to boot properly then you should perform a reset. All the peripheral devices & USB devices including media cards should be removed. Plug out the adapter and also remove the battery as the problem doesn’t lie in these two parts. Now press & hold the start button for 15 seconds (minimum).
* Once you have completed the step-provided above, reconnect the AC power adapter but not the battery. You need to press the Power button and look for glowing LEDs near caps lock & num lock keys. Also, notice sounds of a disk drive and fan turning.

If you see no error on your display then test display by connecting an external memory, test for memory module problems, test for hard drive problems. To do so you can get the expert’s help by connecting with our service. If you see an error of “Missing Operating system” then proceed with the following procedure.

* Perform a hard drive test.
* Rectify the Master Boot Record by Inserting Windows OS Disc into the optical (CD or DVD drive).
* Turn off the PC by pressing & holding the Power key for 5 seconds.
* Again turn the PC on using the start button.
* When a prompt boot for CD is displayed then tap the Enter key.
* Hit the R key for starting the Recovery Console from the Windows setup.
* Type FIXMBR in the given section at the C:\ > prompt.
* To move forward press ENTER.
* Hit the Y key and if wish to enter a new MBR press Enter.
* After providing the new MBR, we suggest restarting your system.

We hope you have complete access to your system without any Black screen error. In any case of any trouble, Hp Repair Service Center Number +44-2039-666964 is always available to dial. Just get connected to experts for useful tips and resolutions.

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